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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Gels

The nail enthusiasts love chip-free manicures and if they ever have to splurge on something, it would be a long-lasting manicure. Speculating the fact that a gel manicure can last approximately four times longer than your traditional manicure, you might want to give it a shot.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Gels

But if you’re just starting from scratch and know nothing about nails, a few things need your attention. And through this write-up, we’re going to tell you what are some common mistakes to avoid when doing gel nails. So let’s cut straight to the point and start reading to discover the beauties and dupes related to a gel manicure.

What Are Gel Nails?

Gel nails once applied and cured look very similar to acrylic nails. However, gel manicure is cured under UV radiation. It’s is a type of acrylic oligomer that is put over a tip or on a form to lengthen the nail or as a permanently bonded hard coating over natural nails. They are called gels because the nail polish used in this type of manicure has the consistency.

The application method is similar to traditional manicure that requires cutting, filing, and painting nails with desired nail color gel (here, being a trend-on gel color). Nonetheless, each coat of nail polish needs to be cured under an LED light or UV lamp.

Advantages of Wearing Gel Nails

Packed with some great benefits, gel nails are worth getting a show-stopping nail look. Here are some key findings:

The most significant advantage of using gel nail polish is that it lasts far longer than ordinary nail polish. It can last for up to four weeks. It is not readily chipped, broken, or peeled. Chroma gel is truly a heavy-duty nail polish. There will also be no bothersome smudges because the polish is cured under a UV light, which rapidly hardens the polish.

No more wasting time letting your nails dry! When using standard acrylic polish, it can take up to an hour for the nail to dry completely. It takes even longer for the non-acrylic polish to dry. But some of the gel polishes dry in sixty seconds or less, giving you more time to get on with your day. The good news about gel-polished nails is they look like your natural nails since a very thin layer of gel polish is applied to your natural nails. They are flexible and odorless, for good!

Thankfully, LDS gel nail polish are available in as many colors as classic nail hues. Bold, metallic, neon and bright colored gel polishes allow you to express your personality by creating any desired nail pattern or design. Gel enhancements create a protected layer on your natural nails and prevent them from splitting.

Things to Avoid When Wearing Gel Nails

A gel is a tougher and more durable formula, but unfortunately, this toughness and protection can be harsh on your nails, weakening them and making them prone to splitting. None of the Nail Formulae Should Cause Damage!! None! Therefore there are a few things to keep in mind when obtaining gels to keep your nails healthy.

Give your nails some downtime between gels to restore their natural health. Applying and removing nail polish can damage the natural nail plate. Therefore, the experts suggest asking your nail technician every time you opt for a gel manicure.

Don’t overextend gel manicures for more than three weeks. This long-lasting nail technique can make your nails weaker. Apart from this, it can cause the growth of potentially hazardous microorganisms once the gel starts to lift. However, better to remove gels after two or three weeks to keep your nail hydrated.

The most important yet quite overlook fact about nail polish is its proper removal. Never remove gel polish on your won. Once your gel manicure has started coming off, go to the nearest nail salon to get the services. But if you’re inclined to remove gel polish at home, better to first file your nails to break the topcoat. Now, dip your nail tips into acetone to let nail polish comes offs gently and quickly. You can also use acetone-dipped cotton balls by wrapping them on your gel will take 10-15 minutes for removing gel nail polish. Use a pusher to push gel from the nails. Use a buffer to obtain a clean nail look.

Lon-lasting and chip-free gel nails are tempting. No matter how flexible your natural nails are, any nail formula that is tougher on your nails can cause irreparable damage to the plate of your natural nails. So hydrate your nails as much as possible to save them from splitting and breakage. A cuticle oil formula is a lifesaver for your nails. Rest assured you use good-quality cuticle oil every time you get a nail job.


So while you probably won’t quit using gel nail polish manicure, you’ll do it by observing all the safety measurements. With or without polish, the health of your nails should matter the most. By keeping in mind the dos and donts of any specific nail treatment, you can choose a healthy lifestyle for your nails.