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Tips to Solve the Problems of Broken Nails

The most frustrating thing for women can be that most women are broken nails or nails suddenly peel off before the “G” looks very messy. This can happen to your nails even after you have just returned from the spa? This condition is not uncommon, when this unfortunate thing happens, it can take a relatively long time for your nails to return to their original length and shape as well as you will feel quite upset and annoyed. But now you don’t need to worry too much about it, we will reveal the savior and the secret to healing your broken and peeling nails. Gelixir colors is really an effective and cost-effective solution for you!

Tips to Solve the Problems of Broken Nails

Broken nails are one of the biggest problems faced by women and teenage girls, but it seems that this often happens unexpectedly at critical moments or important events. To partially solve this problem, we want you to learn with us some temporary nail remedies in case they break suddenly and the nail salon is not open or you cannot go to the nail salon.

What Made Your Nails Become Weak and Brittle?

If you didn’t know, our nails are made up of keratin, the same protein that makes up your skin and hair. Just like dry skin or hair loss, our daily habits also inadvertently weaken our nails. One of the main causes is excessive hand washing and frequent contact with chemicals. However, soap is not the main “culprit” in this problem. In fact, our nails have the ability to absorb water very well, even more than our skin. When you are constantly exposed to water, you inadvertently create great pressure on the nail cells, leading to weakness, softness and brittleness. The loss of cuticle due to water also makes it easier for bacteria to penetrate.

Brittle and brittle nails also occur during menopause in women due to hormonal imbalances. In addition, medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, Raynaud’s syndrome and protein deficiency also cause brittle nails, even aging nails.

In addition, there is a very popular reason at the moment that girls and women often use nail polish without considering the choice. When the demand in the market increases, it is also an opportunity for mass and poor – quality products to be launched into the market. The line of poor quality nail polish products greatly affects our nails and health because it not only contains toxic chemicals, causing nail fungus, nail staining but also difficult to clean and when the process is slow. If cleaning is difficult, it will cause a lot of trouble for us every time we want to change the “dress” for our nails and also cause a lot of wear and tear, making the nails much weaker.

The Secret to Get Strong and Beautiful Nails!

Use products that are both beauty and nail care

The simplest thing to prevent nails from breaking is to maintain them a reasonable length. You should take care of your nails regularly at an appropriate level to enhance the health and quality of your nails. Moreover, keeping the natural shape of the nail is also a method of reducing breakage. We tend to file square nails for a stylish look but the natural round or oval shape of the nail is best.

“EMERGENCY” tips from tea bag

You can use a used tea bag to treat broken nails. After removing any remaining tea residue, rinse and cut a portion of the bag to fit your broken nail. Apply glue to the area you want to protect or maybe wrap your whole finger to make sure the break doesn’t get worse. And so you have completed the first step for the nail, very simple, right?

Why Should You Take Use of Gelixir Colors Gel Nail Polish

Are You Not Satisfied with Current gel nail polish colors and frustrated by Non-Matching regular nail polish or nail lacquer and Gel colors polish? You want an affordable, stable Quality, beautiful Color, glossy and natural Smooth products for your nails?

Gelixir gel nail polish is a very famous nail polish brand in the USA, the colection of this kind of gel- nail polish color has over 180 diffrerent colors, we ensure that they will fix all problems and prevent your nails from peeling and breaking with the outstanding features such as:

  • No shrinkage, no cracking, no melting, no discoloration, and very easy to paint.
  • Make sure the paint is beautiful, smooth, and natural gloss.
  • The grip is very strong and durable for a long time.

Final thought

Make sure your body is provided with the necessary nutrients for nails, avoid dehydration, iron, zinc, vitamin C and B vitamins need to be supplemented to strengthen and restore broken nails. In addition, using a good product line like Gelixir polish, your nails will be provided with extra calcium to make them stronger.