YReading ALOT of blogs is a huge part of blogging and given that it was already a hobby of mine it’s very little effort on my part. I also take part in a few linkys each week which is a great way to become aquainted with new bloggers.

So I’ve decided to start a monthly feature….*drumroll*… Mum Crush Monday. I’ve also set up a tab on my homepage with a link to all of my favourite blogs so I’ve got my own little directory – handy eh?

So without further ado, here are my the first group of mamas I could be tempted to trade in my husband for….

Hannah – Cagney and Lace


My lovely friend Hannah and I met through our husbands many moons ago, but it was over a glass of wine and our mutual love for online beauty videos that we became soul sistas. She writes Cagney and Lace, a fashion and lifestyle blog which I’ve had bookmarked for years. I’m not even speaking from a place of bias when I say that this girl has STYLE. If you don’t believe me you can see for yourself with her 2016 round up featuring her favourite swoon worthy outfits and the most beautiful etheral wedding dress. Not only can I count Hannah as one of my best friends but we’re also god-parents to each others children and watching their friendship develop is beautiful.  If you’re looking for some toddler fashion inspo, head over to Hannah’s  to see snippets of her beautiful, always well turned out little girl – like mother, like daughter when it comes to sartorial choices. She’s also great at recommending institutions of hospitality, so if you’re in the Sheffield area and it has the Hannah seal of approval, you know  you won’t be disappointed.

Wendy – Naptime Natter

I discovered Naptime Natter through a linky and it’s the kind of blog I wish I’d have found when I was pregnant. I think any pregnant lady would come away with a more realistic view of motherhood after reading Naptime Natter than 99% of books aimed at first time mums – I’m looking at you Gina Forde. I’ve only ‘met’ Wendy through blogging and social media but it’s clear that she’s kind, genuine and an incredible mum to her beautiful boys. Her blog is so refreshingly honest, with helpful insights and tips on breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public, babywearing, pregnancy and parenting a toddler to name but a few, all the while being entertaining and not at all preachy. My breastfeeding road was incredibly rocky, and I honestly think I may have been better prepared had I found experiences such as those shared by Wendy in those first few days and weeks.

Becky – MommyandRory

Becky is another real life friend who I met at our NCT class and we started blogging around the same time, determined to document that precious first year. There’s a month between our boys and they’ll be friends whether they like it or not. MommyandRory is a great read and her Linky List is my go to directory. Her recent post – ‘Have you seen my boobs? I seem to have lost them!’ is laugh out loud funny, even to someone who can’t sympathise with large chested problems having sported two fried eggs even while breastfeeding. She’s also a dab hand in the kitchen and her recipes are well worth a try. Funny and foodie – what’s not to love?!

Emma – Mamalina

I found Emma  through her pretty epic Instagram and *oh.my.gawd* have I got a mum crush on this lady. Although I am a routine kinda gal – I need my evenings – her zero routine approach to parenting is fascinating and she just oozes hippy cool, planning travels with her boys and giving them experiences of a lifetime. Watching her Insta stories is my favourite way to pass a toilet break, otherwise known as the ten-minute-mum-wee  taken around the time Carl gets home from work. Her post ‘Let Your Kids be Bored‘ is a refreshing change to all of the literature encouraging constant engagement. I definitely think enagement with you children is crucial, but so is giving them a little space to learn for themselves and Emma puts across a great sense of balance.


So there we have it, my first Mum Crush Monday. You can also see links to all these lovely ladies blogs in Mama Crush: The Directory.

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