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How to use DND gel nail polish

DND gel polish glitter is one of the best nail polish for your nail care, this ail product of different varnish glitters and nail polish colors. Regular polish won’t last as long as a gel, even if you use a gel topcoat.

Items needed for DND glitter polish

Here is the list of things needed for the proper application of DND gel polishes glitter. Before you can decide to opt for any individual manicure, you must get all necessary items ready. However, you can get the whole pack of DND nail gel polish or probably buy all the items separately.

Items needed are:

  • Buff tray.
  •  DND gel polish kits.
  • An Ultraviolet lamp.
  •  base/ topcoat.
  • Cuticle oil.

What differentiate DND gel polish supply from other gel polishes are:

DND gel glitter polish lasts longer on nails than other polishes.It dries up quickly when applied to nails.

DND nail gel glitter comprises essential vitamins that make nails to be healthy.

This nail supply helps nails to stay healthy and Look stunning for many days.

DND gel polish thinner and flexible on nails.

DND gel application procedures

Step one: get your clean nail buffing ready. Gently place your Nails on it to have a clean equal length nail trimming and remove all rough edges.

Step two: Use cuticle oil to rub your nail beds, and this will help to loosen your nail bed; wash your hands after this process to clean away the oil from your hands before you proceed to the gel process. 

Step three: Scrape all your nail edges, then use alcohol wipes to get rid of nail residue. When you scrape your nail’s edges, it won’t allow the oil on the nails to swell up or cause any damages to your nail care.

Step four: Put a base coat on your nails. This method is the starting point of any gel polish application. Then you can use an UltraViolent lamp to cure your nails for thirty seconds.

 Step five: Varnish your nails. You can then decide/ choose your desired DND gel polish colors and begin to varnish your nails with this polish color in between each nail.

Continue with this application till you achieve a stunning and flexible nail appearance, then you can cure under your lamp (UltraViolet/LED)

Step six: Finally, apply your topcoat on the nails before curing again under the lamp. However, if you wish to add more love to your nail care, you can rub a cuticle oil to have a pleasant and excellent manicure.

Tips to consider when applying DND gel polish supply

However, gel nail polish is beautiful and stays long on nails but can also be tough on nails. Now to have healthy nails after using DND nail supply, here are the tips to follow.

Wear sunshades/ gloves

To prevent epidermis cancer and premature epidermis aging, you must wear SPF sunshades and waterproof sunshades. This process will also help guide your epidermis from UV rays used to glue nail polish.

You can also wear black open fingertips,  transparent gloves on your hand before you apply the nail polish.

Avoid gel polish picking

When the nail polish starts to fade off, please do not pick the polish or use another nail equipment to detach it but choose to contact your nail care practitioner to separate it for you.

You can soak your nails in acetone or use acetone soaked cotton to wrap a foil around your fingernails to clean your fingertips, and your nails will be removed after fifteen minutes.

Give your nail care a break

Try to take a break for three weeks or months before you go for another manicure.

Be active with your manicurist

Never allow your nail care practitioners to trim your nails with unsterilized and unclean nail care equipment to prevent infections. If you are allergic to acetone, you can opt for local nail polish.

Nails hydration

You can hydrate your nails by using hand cream, cuticle cleansers, hand jelly on your hands to keep your nail polish from fading and peeling.


DND gel polish glitter is a nail supply that produces soakable gel polish, an attractive polish color that can be put on nails in the twinkling of an eye. This nail polish supply appears thinner and lasts on nails for months without peeling or losing color than other gel polish.

DND nail supply delivered a unique multi-step masters system to make their product different from other nail care products. Additionally, DND has a separate glitter kit that could formulate hairs, epidermis, and nails.

You can always use this nail glitter polish since you are used to regular nail polish and gel topcoat before now. This nail polish supply is produced to protect nails. You must ensure to use a base coat with the base gel to make the nails look astonished and best for parties.