When life interrupts…

img_2581-3.jpgYou may or may not have noticed that my usual weekend round up was absent from these shores yesterday – my mum for one was very disappointed not to have her usual Monday morning reminder of activities she’s either been involved in, or had described to her in acute detail on the phone the night before. After a lovely morning spent in Bakewell on Sunday, Carl, Henry & I returned home and when retrieving my 67th punnet of candy floss grapes from the kitchen, life threw a curveball and I hotfooted it out of the door, sans grapes.¬†

Sometimes life has other ideas and is not respectful of ones compulsion to spend the hours between 8 and midnight typing away. But life is for living, and this is why I started blogging in the first place, as a reminder in the future of our first years¬†living life as parents. So if I miss a blog post once in a while what does it really matter? There’s plenty of time to write about life, but sometimes it has to be just lived.


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