Beautiful sceneAlthough we’re only a week in to the new year, having read everyone’s New Year posts I’m feeling pretty late to the table but I’m going to type away regardless.

Despite it’s bad rep, 2016 was pretty good for me. It saw the birth of our beautiful baby boy in January, which then allowed me to spend a blissful *most of the time * year at his beck and call, tending to his every whim and generally watching him grow into the strong-willed, cheeky and affectionate (poking and hair pulling aside) almost-one-year-old he is now. Not only that, but Mummy and Daddy made it through an entire year without killing each other and we’re now immersed in parenthood and have never been happier.

So I was a little sad to wave goodbye to the most memorable, life changing and intense year of my life, but I’m all about looking to the future and I’m quietly hopeful that 2017 won’t turn out so bad. Here’s what I’m going to be embracing this year –

  1. Less is more. This is the year I’m going to *attempt* to be a little more frugal. I’m an undeniable shopaholic. Carl says that I’ve not had a good day if I’ve not spent any money and he’s not far wrong. I like to by STUFF. Any stuff. But mainly clothes, shoes, bags and make-up. This year I want to declutter, and focus more on experiences. I think the money could be better spent on family days out making memories and so that’s what I plan to do. Also, no doubt thrilled at the prospect of my new found penny pinching Carl happily joined me in watching this documentary which I’d definitely recommend. Aspects were a little extreme but the jist is that we’re always trying to achieve happiness by buying stuff, which doesn’t help so we buy more stuff etc, etc. By only possessing what we need we focus more on things that will truly make us happy. Which leads me on my next read – Spark Joy is on it’s way to me right now… I am aware of the ridiculousness that is buying an item in order to read about not needing so many items so we’ll call it research and move on…
  2. Following on from the above, I want to find a hobby that is not buying clothes, shoes and make-up. Carl very kindly gifted me a new camera for Christmas and I’m enjoying getting snap happy at every opportunity. I’m trying to learn how to take a good picture. I’m also keen to try my hand at flower arranging, inspired by this beautiful book which was a gift from my friend Hannah for Christmas.
  3. Not to bore others with my indecision. I’m going to try not to over analyse every situation, forcing anyone who’ll listen into doing the same. I knew I’d gone to far when I found myself explaining one predicament to the poor lady on the checkout at Asda. Instead, I’m going to try and trust my gut and roll with the punches.

So there we go. They are my thoughts for the new year. Do you believe in resolutions?


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Diary of an imperfect mum

baby-showWhile I was pregnant Carl and I had great plans for my maternity leave. He’s self-employed so has almost complete freedom when it comes to taking holidays so we were going to make the most of my new found freedom and take impromptu trips away, should it take our fancy. Well I can report that eight months in, all we’ve managed was a pre-arranged trip to Norfolk with my family.

So when an invite to the Baby & Toddler Show landed in my inbox, I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and include an overnight stay. The northern show just happens to be in Manchester, which holds a special place in our hearts as it’s where we spent our first non-wedding-night night as a married couple before jetting off on our honeymoon – sorry if I made your brain hurt with that mouthful – so I’m very excited to return to our second favourite city as a family.

The show runs 7-9th October and has a pretty impressive line up of brands, including Bugaboo, Cybex, Joolz, Mamas & Papas, Silver Cross & Maxi Cosi to name but a few – we’re in the market for a new car seat so the timing is perfect.  There are expert speakers, products to test, a midwife drop in and, if that hasn’t sold it to you – a goody bag for all new mums and mums-to-be.

If you’d like to win tickets to the show, I have two to giveaway, valid for any date you chose. All you need to do is hit the Rafflecopter link below, and leave a comment telling me what your all time favourite baby / toddler products is!

If you don’t win tickets you can purchase with 1/3 off with the code BTN31.

If you’ll be at the Baby and Toddler Show let me know, it would be great to meet so fellow mamas!

I wish you the best of luck, but never fear, as if you don’t win you can book adult tickets for 1/3 off with the code BTN31

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Diary of an imperfect mum
The Pramshed



Hold. The. Phone. I’m not starting this post by reporting a brunch date. On Saturday and Sunday we ate breakfast at home. What is this sorcery?
Following our very understated porridge breakfast enjoyed in our own kitchen, we went out for ‘a drive’. I have many memories of my parents hoarding us into the car on a weekend and spending an hour or two driving around. I always wondered why they did it. And now I know it’s because it’s easier than entertaining children at home. In our case that wasn’t entirely true. Carl and I have been debating moving for a while but the problem is that we don’t know where to move to. Which is a bit of an issue, so we went to scope out some places, returning home nonthewiser so I guess we’re staying put for the time being.
I then came home and ate a punnet of cotton candy grapes, I know they’re fruit but I’m not sure I should’ve eaten so many in one sitting…. They are yummy though.
Anyway, I then took myself off to the hairdressers for a little spruce up of the ol’ barnet before coming home to a slightly stressed looking Carl. I’m not going to lie, although I wouldn’t want to trade places with him and go out to work everyday as I love spending the days with my boy, I did feel quite satisfied when he admitted parenting solo isn’t quite as easy as he’d imagined. I think until Saturday he had visions of me laid on the sofa all day drinking coffee after coffee while Henry napped peacefully. Which is funny because that’s how I’d imagined spending my maternity leave days at home myself….
On Sunday we went into town to buy a mirror. And returned with no mirror. All the while Henry whinged so all in all a pretty unsuccessful trip, although I did pick up another punnet of cotton candy grapes which I ate before we even got home. We ended the day with a meal out with family where I ate my body weight, leaving me feeling like I’d undone some good work being so virtuous with food and exercise in the last few days. A mama deserves a treat though, right?
So I’m off for a hot bath, where hopefully I’ll sweat out some of the lbs I’ve undoubtedly gained earlier on today…
What did you do this weekend?


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI don’t normally get Sunday night blues   – yay for maternity leave – but this weekend I have. Carl was super busy at work last week, working late most days leaving me to parent solo from morning ’til night. I take my hat off to single parents because it is non-stop, especially when you throw teething into the mix. The past few weeks has seen Hen cut four teeth, it feels like they’ve been sprouting from all directions…

Anyway, on Friday Henry started his second chapter of Water Babies and  my beautiful friend Hannah stopped by for lunch with my beautiful goddaughter. A swim + great company is a recipe for a lovely day and it set us up nicely for the weekend.

We kicked of Saturday our favourite way by heading out for breakfast, Carl & I both had mushrooms on toast with cheese and Henry devoured avocado and scrambled eggs. We then headed over to my mums, picked her up and nipped off to *ahem* ‘browse’ Next childrenswear. What happens when Mummy and Nannie both have very little self control when it comes to baby clothes -or shopping in general- is that browsing ultimately leads to buying and we left with enough to clothe four or five baby boys for the Winter.

Earlier in the week my mum found my dad’s old bread recipe. I have some great memories of my dad baking bread when I was younger, proving it in front of the fire in winter, then eating warm bread slathered in butter for tea. So on Sunday we decided to bake a loaf and it was just as delicious as I remember – it tasted so familiar and homely and Grandad’s recipe was a hit with Henry too.

So now I have the Sunday night blues after a laid back, but lovely weekend spent the way a weekend should be. With family, friends, and nostalgic food (with a little shopping thrown in for good measure!)

How was your weekend?

3 Little Buttons

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI’ve always been quite partial to a skirt or dress, call me a floozy if you wish but I also like a short hemline. That is until I became a mum.

After I had Henry, my first wear of an old favourite mini dress last approximately 25 minutes before it was removed and replaced with what has become my uniform of jeans and a t-shirt.

Obviously feeling brave after reacquainting myself with a bum skimming dress on a baby free night out, I chose a Saturday to introduce my rekindled flame to my new life as a mum, a day with a co-parent so as to ease us in gently. What I found was that this little dress complicated my day in the following ways:

1) Getting Henry in and out of the car was difficult. I can normally be found putting Henry into the car seat bent over, bum sticking out of the car door. Wearing a dress meant this normally simple exercise had to be much more considered. So as not to give the street an eyeful I had to balance precariously on the 10cm of seat not occupied by the car seat, trying not to suffocate Henry with my hair. This also put my hair at a grab-able distance and prising my hair from Hen’s hands while not flashing my derriere was quite a task.

2) Instead of bending over carelessly when objects were dropped from the pushchair, which happens ALOT, I had to kneel down in a fashion similar to that which is taught in manual handling training, but legs together so as to remain dignified trying to maintain balance. The whole picking up objects, or picking up baby thing had to be much more considered and I don’t think I appreciated what a luxury it was not to have to bend over 78,654 times a day.

3) Sitting in a dress with a baby on your knee causes the dress to ride up. Especially when said baby is a fidget. It’s also hard to adjust the dress with the baby on you knee so the bottom of the dress ending up around your waist is inevitable.

I returned home and immediately changed out of the dress. Considering how not to flash my bum is a consideration I don’t need in my already very considered day. For now I have accepted that mum life and short skirts don’t mix.

However I do feel like these Topshop loafers are too good not to mention, which I picked up for the bargain price of £29. Super comfy and compatible with motherhood. Winning.

Have you had to banish any items of your wardrobe in favour of motherhood? Do you dress differently?

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