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Oh hello Monday! *waves* It’s nice to see you again! I don’t type that with even a hint of sarcasm because thanks to maternity leave I actually now quite like Monday
…Anyway, on with my third weekend round-up…

The weekend started early at casa-de-novice parents as Daddy had Friday off for an afternoon appointment. We kicked things off by taking dragging the pug for a walk to the park. I say walk, I’m not sure it really counts when you have to stop every few steps so the dog can indulge in her favourite pastime of sniffing other dogs wee while the baby becomes increasingly agitated by all of the sitting in a mostly stationary pushchair.

After the merry little dance the pug led us on we nipped into town to run some errands, perused M&S baby clothes (I have a 20% off kids offer on my Sparks card burning a whole in my pocket) and munched the most delicious burritos before heading to our appointment.

On Friday night I hosted my very first #mblogchat which I thoroughly enjoyed. When I started blogging I never imagined what a supportive and friendly community I was barging my way into.  If, like me you often always find yourself at home on a Friday between 8-9 do join in. It’s usually run by the very lovely Kirsty and it’s a great way to get to know other bloggers.

On Saturday, thanks to the lovely Laura of The Butterfly Mother, I overcame my finger food fears and Henry had toast fingers and egg for breakfast and broccoli florets and steamed apple for lunch. Last week I braved a wider variety of foods, and this week I’ve given him a bit more control of how he’s eating  and I’m now feeling much less anxious. I really cannot thank Laura enough for sharing her experience with me.

Following our ground-breaking lunch, Hen and I headed to my lovely friend’s  house for a playdate with her gorgeous little boy. The adults had a much awaited catch up while the babies fought over balls in the ball pool (not really but its fun to imagine!)

After feeling a little unsure about my new found blogging hobby on Saturday night, with more than a few moments of self doubt, I was scrolling through some of my new favourite blogs on Sunday morning and to my absolute delight found my little blog on The Frenchie Mummy’s ‘My top 5 bloggers who know what the blog love means!‘ post. I absolutely LOVE Frenchie Mummy, her posts always make me smile and I was so flattered to have been featured – Je suis très reconnaissant! (I hope that is coherent French, it’s been a while!) It really put a spring back into my blogging step and I practically skipped out of the door to take Henry swimming. 

The rest of Sunday was very chilled so if you’re still with me I’ll finish with another big thank you to everyone in the blogging community who has supported me so far. Every post share, follow, comment, like and re-tweet is much appreciated and I’m also really enjoying getting to know other blogs and sharing in the linky love!

Well done if you’ve made it to the end of that epic ramble, I tried and failed to keep to snappy, although I did omit to go into great detail about my battle with giant spot that’s taken over my chin. I thought the dog-sniffing-wee story would give you your fill of gross for the week ahead…

What did you get up to this weekend?


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I’ve never been someone who has really enjoyed too much of my own company, I’ve always been very social and I like to be busy. What terrified me most in those first few chaotic weeks of motherhood was never being able to get out again, forever confined to the house with no adult conversation. I think it was also good for my post natal state of mind to push myself to get out, and I think its good for babies to get out and about in order to learn about the world. Aside from Coronation Street, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the occasional ITV drama, I’m also not a huge TV watcher, and TV isn’t something I particularly want to be at the top of Henry’s list when it comes to entertainment… what ever happened to good-old-playing-in-the-street? Anyway…that’s a topic for another day.

So…if I haven’t already lost your interest with that epic ramble, here goes…

1. Waterbabies. This is my absolute favourite. We’ve just finished our first chapter and both me and Hen have absolutely loved it. His little face lights up when I put him into his happy nappy and he has an absolute whale of a time. He quickly started kicking when he’s laid flat in the water, he loves the repetitive songs and he confidently goes under the water (we have a great underwater photo to prove it, although it did test my nerves!)  I’ll keep going with the lessons as long as Henry is enjoying it, it’s been great for him developmentally and I think it will continue to be. And our teacher is fantastic.

2. Baby Sensory. I went to a course of four baby sensory sessions but found that a lot of the things they used I could buy from Amazon pretty cheaply and do it at home, which Henry seemed to prefer as he was the youngest baby there and some of the crawlers were a bit boisterous for him at the time. It inspired me to be a bit creative with baby play. Henry’s favourites were these chiffon squares, which he loves having blown over his face, an emergency blanket, which I play ‘peekaboo’ with & this spiky ball. (It’s probably worth pointing out that these are only toys we play with under my full attention!). The babies also sat on a large tray filled with cooked pasta, which I left Hen out of because he was only just four months and I was paranoid about him choking on some! Once I’ve chilled my beans when it comes to potential choking hazards I’ll be giving this a try. (We’ve just started weaning and choking is at the top of my worry list, right next to overheating!)

3. Baby Massage. We did this free at our local SureStart Centre. Who doesn’t love a massage? Babies are no different!

4. Walking. I started walking daily in the early days in an attempt to educate Henry on the difference between day and night, and to get us both a bit of fresh air. It seemed to work because while he’s not one for long day time naps as yet, I’ve so far not had an issue getting him back to sleep when he wakes in the night. *Touches wood*. It’s also lovely to walk with other mums, (or anyone!) to chat while babies inevitably fall asleep… or take it in turns to cry so that it takes three hours to do a forty minute walk. Either way I’ve always enjoyed myself.

5. Reading. I was such a reader when I was a child and I read to Henry everyday. I’m not sure if my efforts will pay off as he’s currently trying to eat the books I read to him but he seems to enjoy my OTT animated voices.

6. M&S Cafe. An odd one, but it’s a great place to feed babies, and both the staff and customers seem to LOVE babies and once I was so impressed by the service I sent a compliment to the head office while I was still in there. I always get chatting to someone, plus their avocado, cucumber and lime smoothie is da bomb.

7. Music Bugs. I’ve only actually been to one Music Bugs class but I thought it was worth mentioning as it was really good. They include a bit of sensory which added a little interest, they did on the week I went anyway. I really must go again! It did inspire me to buy some Halilit instruments which have gone down a treat (except for the cow bell which is so SHRILL! My ears cannot abide the noise that thing makes).

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for if you’re ever at a loose end. Let me know if you have anything you think I might like to try!

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