Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI’ve always had an inkling that I might have a little monkey on my hands. I’m not sure if it’s his daddy’s mischievous nature or the cheeky little look in his eye but either way I’m noticing evidence of it more and more. Which brings be around the this post which I’m sure I’ll want to add to as the weeks, months and years pass; behaviours I want to laugh at but can’t because they’re naughty:

  1. Opening his mouth full of food, sticking out his tongue pasted in food and promptly spitting it out. Don’t you like it? Are you full?! DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH THEN!
  2. Swinging on the baby gate complete with toothy grin. It’s funny & cute. And to be honest, sometimes I let him get on with it. Pick your battles.
  3. Spitting out water. Repeatedly. Annoying because it’s just another reason for an outfit change. Funny because…well why?! Why would spit water on yourself?!
  4. Opening and closing the drawers repeatedly. Getting annoyed because they won’t close because mummy’s trapped something in there so you can’t trap your fingers. Angrily grabbing said object and throwing it on the floor so the drawers will close.
  5. Chasing the dog around trying to poke her up the bum. I think what our feral pug is experiencing is karma for the last two years spent torturing us.
  6. Stiffening up rendering it highly difficult to get him in the car seat / high chair / pushchair. I’m told this is a very uncooperative phase and it would be very frustrating if his fits of giggles after he loses the battle of the seated position didn’t add the amusement factor.
  7. Pulling toys out of the box after I’ve put them back in the box at bedtime.

I may continue to add these as they occur. Everyday’s a school day in our house! Do you have any to add? I’m just dying to know what’s to come *sigh*


It was far too chaotic to get a photo of them in the ball pool. So here they are probably plotting their ball pool attack on me.

A few weeks ago Henry had a whale of a time in a friends ball pool. He then spent a few minutes at soft play *shudder* in the ball pool. So on Monday I decided it would be a great idea to buy him his very own ball pool.

To be honest, my motivation for buying it was two fold; 1) It would be an interesting new toy for him to play with, new textures and shapes to explore and I can count the balls into the pool and split up the colours (I know he’s only 7 months old but there’s only so much nonsense one sided conversation I can muster. A prop helps). 2) It’s portable and has sides so would keep him occupied and in one place for a few minutes so I could have a drink or make lunch. Or so I thought….

I came home filled with the excitement at the prospect of a lovely afternoon at home. I’d sit on the floor with a coffee – I’d even break my one-coffee-a-day rule and treat myself to a second- and we’d ‘splash’ around, generally having a ball (sorry).

So in an attempt to make my naive vision a reality, I came home, made a coffee and set about erecting the ball pool. For the first minute or so, my vision became a reality, aside from the fact there were only thirty balls, so not many to splash. Then the feral pug jumped in, which Henry actually quite enjoyed. Then she stole a ball and jumped out. I set about trying to retrieve the ball and in the meantime somehow Henry Houdini managed to climb out. I sat him back and he climbed out again. Not a bad skill for a seven month old to be fair so I gave in. I got a few balls out for him to chase, which the feral pug clearly found irresistible.  Once again I tried to retrieve a ball from the pug while simultaneously trying to keep half an eye on Henry, clearly the wrong half an eye because somehow he got himself stuck under the sofa. The dog still chasing balls I lifted the sofa to retrieve the baby, who couldn’t work out that he could remove himself from the sofa by lowering his head in the same way he must’ve done to get under.

Then to top it all off, the feral pug knocked over my coffee. Almost a full coffee, everywhere. If that wasn’t inconvenient enough Henry crawled through it before I could wipe it all up.

We didn’t even manage an afternoon of ball pool fun. This all took about 25 minutes to unfold and I think both Henry and my bank account would’ve been happier with just the balls, loose around the living room. Maybe while feral pug is occupied by our neighbour….

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Double Trouble

Double Trouble

If you’re a regular around these parts, you’ll know that we are a family of four. Mummy, Daddy, baby and a feral pug who occasionally answers to Winnie but always answers to ‘TREAT’.

Both pug and baby are vying for Mummy & Daddy’s attention, but who’s winning?
Round 1: – Food

Winnie can be quite creative when it comes to seeking out food in addition to her daily bowl of wet food. She’ll scratch at the treat drawer, she’ll jump in the dishwasher, she’ll edge slowly over the plate you’ve rested next to you on the floor until you don’t even notice she’s there until she’s licking it. She’ll crouch outside and pretend to wee in hope she’ll be rewarded. Baby feeds on demand without having to resort to any trickery or manipulation. After a few months, the baby is allowed to eat Winnie’s ultimate goal – human food.

Winner – Nice try Winnie, but baby wins.

Round 2 – The bouncy chair

Winnie has a bed. A very nice bed that cost more than I care to admit we paid for a dog bed ,purchased when she was an only child and we obviously had more money than sense. As if that’s not enough, she’ll sneak onto the sofa and the bed. But her ultimate goal is Henry’s bouncy chair. She seizes any opportunity to try to claim it for her own, even if Henry’s in it. I once left the room for a second to grab the changing bag and returned to find Henry sat in his chair staring at the pug who was straddling him.

Winner – It’s Henry’s chair, but after the straddling incident this round has to go to the pug.

Round 3 – Noise

Winnie barks and she’s told to be quiet. The baby cries and gets a cuddle. Or food.

Winner: Baby.

Round 4 – The neighbours

Our neighbour to the left is an elderly lady who spends her summer afternoons sharing her lunch with Winnie (much to my annoyance). When Winnie gets fed up of sleeping in our house, she nips next door, takes herself upstairs and naps on our neighbours spare bed. This has happened more times than I care to admit and I’m not quite sure how she does it. Baby on the other hand is yet to receive any food or nap space from our neighbours.

Winner: Winnie is the clear winner here. She has our neighbour wrapped around her little claw.

Round 5 – Sleep

The baby is allowed to sleep upstairs even when he cries all night. The pug has to sleep in the kitchen because she snores.

Winner: Baby

Overall – despite Winnie put up a good fight, Henry just pips her to the post.

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