How much younger we look here considering it’s not even 3 years ago makes me WEEP

We all know that having tiny humans to look after makes it significantly harder, if not impossible to spend time as a couple, doing the things you used to do when you were just a twosome. Even harder when all your potential babysitters are otherwise occupied because the rest of the world are out-out in the land of the living past 7pm on Valentines Day. So if you don’t have a babysitter, or you don’t like the idea of going out on a school night, I’m here to put the cheese in your fondue with some stay-at-home-little-people-are-asleep Valentines ideas:

  1. Bring back so old habits that you’ve stopped doing. When I was a student Carl and I used to order pizza and eat it in bed watching films. You’ll probably get sauce on the bedding, but a great and little known by-product of having children are packets of baby-wipes littered around the house. And those bad boys can shift a stain.
  2. Have a picnic in the living room. Light the fire, or if you don’t have a fire light some candles. Heck, light some candles anyway, it’s Valentines day! Bring in a pre-prepared picnic basket and munch away. Don’t forget the fizzy wine and strawberries.
  3. Create a restaurant at your dining table, set the table, share some wine and eat at least two courses.
  4. Play games – Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, even the Rightmove game. Something where you’ll have to actually talk to each other is always fun.
  5. Bring the cinema experience (kind of) to your living room with popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and drinks in paper cups and sit next to each other on the sofa, turn the lights off and put a great film on.

Now I know what you’re thinking;

“I have a child who has a sixth sense for when I’m about to eat anything delicious, watch anything interesting or do anything remotely fun that doesn’t involved them They’ll be wide awake faster than you can say ‘Cupid’ and promptly at half hour intervals until we admit defeat and Daddy’s hot-footing it to the spare bed.”

Which is why I have BONUS idea number 6

Pretend the nearest weekend is actually Valentines Day, call in a babysitter, get dressed up and go out on an ACTUAL date. I know, I know…I’ve thought of everything…


The Pramshed

  1. If u can read dis ur a 00’s teen. We wer on PAYG n evry msg cost 10p so ud avoid usin ‘,?!: as mch as poss. Ud txt ur m8s from ur nokia 3210 as mch as u cud squeeze in2 190 characters, non of dis difrent msg 4 each sentence nonsense of 2day. Ud end ur txt wid ‘luv me x’. Den ud go bk to plyin Snake.
  2. We used Microsoft Encarta for our homework.
  3. We didn’t know what a selfie was and only went online for MSN messenger. The only social network around was Friends Reunited, which definitely wasn’t cool because our Dads were on it. And err hello?! We saw our friends at school all day and then talked on the phone all night. The landline obviously, we didn’t have enough credit for calls.
  4. The ONLY place to shop was Tammy Girl. Despite this, you’d still get annoyed if someone else ‘copied’ you. Clearly there was not enough Tammy Girl to go around. You could also go into town on a Saturday with £10 in your miniature bowling bag and somehow manage to get lunch, a top, a compact powder a few shades too dark and a very gloopy mascara. All without stealing.
  5. Rockport shoes were the ultimate status symbol. Even better if worn with Miss Sixty jeans.
  6. Your school bag would be as small as possible and you’d stuff everything else into a Jane Norman carrier.
  7. You spent your evenings downloading music from Limewire. Then burning it to CDs. Or playing it while flirting with boys on MSN.
  8. Big Brother, Footballers Wives and Friends were all you wanted to watch.
  9. You’d probably eat a Turkey Twizzler for your school lunch at least once a week. Finished with cornflake tart or chocolate concrete.
  10. Your go-to hairstyle was a slicked back, possibly looped ponytail with two sprayed-solid clumps of hair pulled out at the front. You’d finish of the look with butterfly clips placed in a row in front of your feather scrunchy.
  11. The start of a new term meant a new pencil case from Kookai, filled with brand new scented gel pens.
  12. If you didn’t have Rockports, your school shoes were probably Pod or Kickers and had a keyring tied into the laces.
  13. It was perfectly acceptable, and desirable to wear combat trousers. Or worse, parachute trousers. And in the summer, pedal pushers. It was also perfectly acceptable to wear skirts, or dresses, over trousers. Infact they sold them ready-to-go in Tammy Girl.
  14. You had one or more of the following; a tooth charm, two brightly coloured hair pieces glued in either side of your centre parting, a very bold french manicure.
  15. You were pretty much guaranteed to get one of the following for your birthday – a TY Beanie Baby, some kind of ‘Bang on the Door – groovy chick’ merchandise, and a Bubblegum card addressed to ‘Loopy Lass’, ‘Disco Diva’ or ‘Top Totty’.

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