Mum guilt logoThis weekend we are leaving Henry overnight for the first time and despite the title of these series, I’m not completely confident that it is ok.

I’ve spoken about the importance of date night here , but on the one date we’ve been on, we were home pretty early, armed and ready to comfort or feed as demanded through the night.  What I’m feeling incredibly guilty about is that he’ll wake up in the night looking for me and I won’t be there.

His Nanan will be coming to stay over so he’s in his own environment, which makes me feel a little better as she’s put him to bed before. As a child I enjoyed staying with my grandparents, and I want Henry to feel the same so I know we need to start somewhere. I imagine the first time is always the worst.

I’ll report back on Monday with how it went…

How did you feel about leaving your little overnight for the first time?


I thought I’d start to shake things up around here and I’m calling upon YOU to share your #mumguilt stories. If you’d like to feature as my first guest please get in touch –

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Mum guilt logo

On the flip side of last week’s post where I talked about choosing spending time with my baby rather than tackling my could-rival-Everest ironing pile, today I want to shake off the guilt I feel when life takes over…


Not pictured: Henry in his chair of neglect.

Not pictured: Henry in his chair of neglect.

It’s ok to get stuff done.

If you’re a regular around these parts you’ll know it was Henry’s christening on Sunday and, clearly forgetting that I now have a baby to entertain, decided it would be a great idea to make his cake.

Henry is currently working on his crawl, so his current favourite activity is rolling around on the floor, shuffling commando style causing as much mischief as a seven-month-old can possible cause. The weekend’s activities meant that Saturday was largely spent baking and cake decorating, leaving Henry to watch on in his bouncer until his Daddy finished work and took him for a walk. I spent Saturday evening feeling tremendously guilty that I spent all day baking a cake ‘for Henry’, that he wasn’t even allowed to eat, and very little time playing. Funnily enough, I also felt guilty after his christening that he’d spent much of the night awake and his intense FOMO gave him little opportunity to sleep during the day that the whole day probably wasn’t the most enjoyable experience for him.

My mum made a good point that ‘getting stuff done’ is part of life, and Henry needs to learn that, and he also needs to be able to play independently. With that in mind, occupying a baby in a manner which leaves my hands free once in a while is nothing to feel guilty for. Hopefully it will actually teach him a little about the not-quite-so-fun parts of life.


I thought I’d start to shake things up around here and I’m calling upon YOU to share your #mumguilt stories. If you’d like to feature as my first guest please get in touch –

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'Bit dusty under here Mummy'

‘Bit dusty under here Mummy’

After I wrote this post earlier in the week, the third in my #mumguilt could only be…

It’s ok if there’s parts of the floor and surfaces in your house that haven’t seen the light of day in weeks, if your ironing pile looks like you’ll need some complex climbing equipment to reach the top of it, your freezer is more ice than food and there are a few questionable looking pieces of fruit in the back of your fridge.

Being a mum is hard, but it’s also fun and rewarding.  I’m aware that cleaning, defrosting and ironing are tasks that will always be there. But my beautiful boy’s days as a baby are numbered and I want to savour every one. Lazy I am not, if I could do it all I would but I can’t (if you can and want to share your secret please do!) And I’d much rather make the most of my little boy – playing, going for long walks & meeting his little friends (they’ll know they’re friends one day!). Henry is always fed, always has clean bedding and clothes and he has a bath everyday so I think I’m ticking the baby hygiene boxes and that’s enough for me. The rest of the time I’ll spend enjoying him (and when he’s asleep I’ll write about him!)

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