Autumn / Winter dressing is my absolute fave. I used to spend hours pouring over magazines, blogs and browsing websites planning my Winter wardrobe. Since having a baby means I now have to share my clothing expenditure – or Henry has an overflowing wardrobe while I’m learning all about the phrase ‘make do and mend’, I decided to hit the September shopping spot by planning Henry’s Winter wardrobe.

I’ve been coveting Boden babywear ever since a catalogue landed on my doorstep while I was pregnant – how did they know?! I had to remind myself I’m not sponsored by Boden and resist compiling a list solely of their products. I WANT IT ALL! The reversible print top and joggers are too cute, and solves the dinner-down-the-jumper problem when Mummy forgets to pack a bib (again).

I have a thing for babies in dungarees and the geo print pair from Turtledove London have Henry’s name written all over them while the duffle coat from Zara would be perfect for chilly winter days. Carl is quite the Jurassic Park fan, so the Joules dinosaur jumper was his pick, but I have to admit it’s a good choice.

Finally, how cool are the joggers with the eye hidden in the knee from TUI-B?! Genius!

What do you think of my picks?


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My Random Musings

I sing 'pat-a-cake' a lot more than I used to...Becoming a parent brings a whole host of newness – new baby (obv), new clothes, furniture, decor, routine, vocab…yep, you read correctly. Lately I found all kinds of bizarre words and phrases flowing out of my mouth like milk from a bottle that my pre-motherhood self may have shot more than an eye-roll at:

  1. ‘Has he done a poo?’ ‘ Was it a big one?’ ‘Was it hard?’ ‘Did it have bits in it?’ – Can you imagine asking anyone else for a detailed description of their fecal matter? And worse – in ear shot of anyone and everyone. Or directly to baby – ‘Have you done a stinky poo?’
  2. ‘Don’t eat the rug’
  3. ‘Is he still breathing?’ Again, who else do you ask this about on a daily basis?
  4. ‘Dogs are for stroking not for licking’
  5. ‘You’ve just piddled in the bath so don’t try to drink it’ – ’cause you know, it’s ok to drink if it’s free of urine…
  6. ‘Is that yummy, yummy in your tummy?’ – said with a huge smile to encourage a positive response to all the vegetables.
  7. ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day, over the hill and far away, Mother duck said, ‘QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK’ but only three litt… I mean… four little ducks came back.’ I’m sleep deprived, ok? I must make more effort to remember where I’m up to or the poor boy doesn’t stand a chance where numeracy is concerned.
  8. ‘You sit there while Mummy has a wee.’ *places bouncer in front of the toilet*

And the last few, in dedication to the mobile baby nappy change…

  1. ‘Don’t roll over, Mummy’s trying to change your nappy’
  2. ‘Noooo… don’t put your feet in the poo!’
  3. ‘Don’t undo your nappy, we don’t want poo poo and wee wee everywhere!’ (although it’s so difficult to get a nappy on these days sometimes I feel like cleaning up would be the easier option…)
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Muhahahaha, Mummy and Daddy are such suckers

Muhahahaha, Mummy and Daddy are such suckers.

Another day, another list…Today I’m talking about the things babies do that if anyone else did you’d probably want to throttle them.
Someone once told me that the reason babies are cute is to make us simple grown-ups want to look after them i.e. NOT throttle them. If anyone knows if this is actually true please comment away. Anyway, off we go…

  1. Probably the most obvious one, so I’ll get it out of the way first – keeping you up at night. I actually don’t mind a few night wakings. My paranoid mind often works overtime in the night (shocking, I know) and I find it reassuring. Waking up in the night and refusing to go back to sleep, I’m not so much of a fan.
  2. They can’t stand to see you enjoying a warm meal or beverage and make it their life’s mission to ensure all of your coffee and food is enjoyed cold. Living on salad may be good for a post baby waistline, but delicious it is not. Nor will a cold drink perk you up after they’ve stolen all your sleep.
  3. They get overexcited and hit you in the face. As far as I’m aware, dealing with common assault doesn’t feature in any parenting manual.
  4. Poo on you, wee on you, throw up on you… What is it about baby waste that is significantly less gross than adult waste? I’d be traumatized if I got adult poo on my hand and probably want to chop it off and throw it in the steriliser. Baby poo on my hand and I’m good to go with the flick of a baby wipe – obviously I always wash my hands, but more because I like to exercise good hygiene, rather than feeling a compulsive need to.
  5. They pull your hair – really socially unacceptable. Especially when you’re already suffering a little post partum hair loss. My head needs every one of those bad boys.
  6. They have not one ounce of patience. They decide they want something and expect it there and then. Any cry louder, and louder, and louder… until they get what they want, no matter where you are.
  7. Dictate your wardrobe choices. Be it saying goodbye to breast-feeding unfriendly tops, wearing white or accepting that skirts and dresses have to be below the knee to avoid flashing your bum when you have to bend down. Which happens alot.
  8. They make you feel guilty for EVERYTHING.
  9. Taking all your money. Clothes they grow out of every few months, milk, toys, high chairs, prams, car seats and other such items that demonstrate such ineffective cost-per-use they make a Mulberry look like a steal.
  10. They take over all your space with their stuff and it’s all in bright, garish colours and doesn’t go with your carefully considered decor.
  11. They make you fall so in love with them that none of the above even matters as long as they’re happy. Wrapped around their chubby little fingers aren’t we?

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Do you have anything to add?

My Random Musings

  1. There is no medal for enduring labour without pain relief. If you want the drugs, take the drugs. I was determined to use only gas & air, my TENS machine and water. 12 hours in I broke my TENS machine. 20 hours in, having had 4 hours sleep the last 40 and getting to that point with only bathwater as relief I was exhausted and crying for the epidural…and the diamorphine when the epidural wasn’t available quickly enough. And I’d do it again next time.
  2. NEVER GOOGLE. I’m a worrier (I blame my mother), but I scared myself silly more times than I care to remember in the early weeks. If in doubt, see a real doctor or midwife, not Doctor Internet.
  3. Enjoy being bored, because you’ll never again be able to make that complaint. It also goes without saying to make the most of lazy weekend mornings. I think I’ve laid on my sofa once in the last six months.
  4. Take opportunities for days out or mini breaks with partners, friends and family, it won’t be as easy for a while.
  5. Babies do not feed & sleep in a Gina Ford-esque fashion. You cannot fathom a pattern and it’s best to go with the flow. It’s also NORMAL for your baby to be happiest on you. My brain, filled with feeding-sleeping-pattern nonsense, thought something wasn’t right, made worse with midwives expressing shock night after night when my baby would not stop feeding. I genuinely think this played a part in my ability to breastfeed.
  6. A top and tail bowl is the most useless piece of equipment and I have never used it. It’s a good job they only cost a few quid.
  7. As above, shaped swaddle blankets. Utter crap.
  8. It’s ok to cry. I was pretty pleased if I managed three days in a row without tears. PND played on my mind a lot, and thankfully I wasn’t affected but I think it would be useful to prepare new mums for the emotional roller-coaster, and helping them to recognise if something isn’t right.
  9. You’ll cope, and you’ll enjoy it.
  10. Despite your horror at the labour photos presented at your NCT class, you won’t give a flying fart about being naked during childbirth, it really is the last thing on your mind. In fact, if it would speed things along you’d do a few nude laps around the hospital.
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I used to love reading ’10 things…’ lists in Glamour (or is it Cosmo?!). Anyway….. I though I’d give my own a bash, with an extra 5 for good measure.

1. You’ll learn to survive on such little sleep that five hours of uninterrupted slumber feels like you’ve won the sleep lottery. You also start to wonder how much more productive your life would’ve been had you spent less time getting your eight hours in all the years before baby.

2. But at the same time you’ll feel like screaming at childless friends who complain they’re tired. No one knows tiredness like you at that very moment. Not that it’s s competiton obviously…

3. No matter how stressful that day might have been, when the baby goes to sleep you’ll miss them. Actually heart-hurts miss them.

4. Because when you have a child you experience such indescribable, protective, intense love that nothing else matters as long as they’re happy.

5. You’ll learn all kinds of new lingo from parenting forums which you’ll look to for advice on anything and everying. I’m taking DS, DD, OH, TTC to name a few.

6. You’ll run around like a ninja trying to get as many household jobs done while making as little noise as possible during nap time. The point at which you decide to sit down with a warm drink is the point baby wakes up. Everytime.

7. The little time you have alone with your partner you spend talking about, or looking at pictures of your beautiful little creation. All the while missing them – see number 3.

8. You say you won’t become one of those people who’s favourite subject is their children. But you can’t help it. Because, you know… CUTE!

9. While you’re completely grossed out by bodily fluids, your little ones poo, wee, sick doesn’t bother you an inch. I’m not the only one who’s rubbed spit up into my jeans am I? Thought not.

10. You find that baby brain is in fact not a myth. It’s very real. You realise this while you’re out for lunch and your friend phones to say she’s on her way around for your pre arranged cake date. Which you’d completely forgotten about and gone for lunch. I already said that didn’t I?

11. Going to bed when you’re still room sharing becomes a military operation. One awry plump of the pillow or creak of the mattress can a crying babe make.

12. You gain a new appreciation for simple things. Understanding how a baby sees the world, taking everying in for the first time makes you notice things you’d never noticed before and it’s fascinating.

13. Once your baby has given you their first laugh, 99% of your time will be spent trying to make them laugh again. Because it is the best sound in the world.

14. You begin to embrace a slower pace of life. Where you may have previously crammed multiple errands, breakfast lunch and dinner dates into a Saturday, now you’re lucky if you achieve a trip to the supermarket. But you quite like it.

15. Despite experiencing the worst pain of your life, the moment you hold your newborn in your arms for the first time is like no other. And you’d do anything to be able to live it again.

Do you have any to add to the list?

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