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Even nappy change is fun in our house

So as of the middle of next month I am officially a SAHM – that’s a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ for those not au fait with parenting lingo. After what feels like months of negotiations, my employer and I failed to reach a flexible working agreement and so here I am. My initial reaction was something along the lines of (apologies for the incoherence):

how in the world am I going to entertain a very active almost-toddler with no income and less playdate companions as everyone in my NCT group is going back to work EXCEPT ME and my house is tiny and I’ll have no money and I’ll have to give my child oranges for Christmas and I’ll have to start darning socks oh-my-gawd the world is ending…’

A little later I regained my ability to reason and I actually think it’s not a bad outcome for our family, I’ll have more time with my beautiful little boy and everything happens for a reason.

Anyway, when it became a possibility that returning to work may not be an option my mum said to me, in the nicest possible way, ‘if you don’t go back to work I do think you should try and keep your house a little bit tidier’. Cheers Mum. So the first Monday morning as an official SAHM arrived and I decided to take on board what she’d said and become housewife-mother-extraordinare. I’d do the food shop, take Henry to his doctors appointment, take the dog for her booster vaccination, make lunch, bake bread, bake cookies, pick up the Nespresso capsules, clean the living room and organise the toys.

I did manage the food shop and the doctors appointment. I forgot to take the poor dog to the vets – although she avoided being stabbed in the neck so she’s winning. I made a wonderful lunch of pea fritters with avocado – Henry spat out the first mouthful and threw the rest on the floor, which the dog promptly gobbled up – another win for her. I picked up the coffee (priorities right there), I did not bake bread. I did bake cookies and burnt them. I half cleaned the living room and ‘organised’ the toys by throwing them in a basket.

When Carl came home the sofa was in the middle of the living room with the hoover abandoned behind it and the rug was rolled up. The kitchen smelled like burnt cookies and Henry had vegetable korma in his eyebrows, which again he kept dropping on the floor for the dog. In fact my main parental achievement for the day had been cooking three very healthy meals, none of which were consumed by the intended recipient. All the intended recipient wanted to eat were Organix Carrot Puffs and bagels.

Housewife-mother-extraordinare I clearly am not but I will try again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. And the next. But that is why motherhood is the best job, a bad day still ends with a hug and a sloppy kiss.



Beautiful sceneAlthough we’re only a week in to the new year, having read everyone’s New Year posts I’m feeling pretty late to the table but I’m going to type away regardless.

Despite it’s bad rep, 2016 was pretty good for me. It saw the birth of our beautiful baby boy in January, which then allowed me to spend a blissful *most of the time * year at his beck and call, tending to his every whim and generally watching him grow into the strong-willed, cheeky and affectionate (poking and hair pulling aside) almost-one-year-old he is now. Not only that, but Mummy and Daddy made it through an entire year without killing each other and we’re now immersed in parenthood and have never been happier.

So I was a little sad to wave goodbye to the most memorable, life changing and intense year of my life, but I’m all about looking to the future and I’m quietly hopeful that 2017 won’t turn out so bad. Here’s what I’m going to be embracing this year –

  1. Less is more. This is the year I’m going to *attempt* to be a little more frugal. I’m an undeniable shopaholic. Carl says that I’ve not had a good day if I’ve not spent any money and he’s not far wrong. I like to by STUFF. Any stuff. But mainly clothes, shoes, bags and make-up. This year I want to declutter, and focus more on experiences. I think the money could be better spent on family days out making memories and so that’s what I plan to do. Also, no doubt thrilled at the prospect of my new found penny pinching Carl happily joined me in watching this documentary which I’d definitely recommend. Aspects were a little extreme but the jist is that we’re always trying to achieve happiness by buying stuff, which doesn’t help so we buy more stuff etc, etc. By only possessing what we need we focus more on things that will truly make us happy. Which leads me on my next read – Spark Joy is on it’s way to me right now… I am aware of the ridiculousness that is buying an item in order to read about not needing so many items so we’ll call it research and move on…
  2. Following on from the above, I want to find a hobby that is not buying clothes, shoes and make-up. Carl very kindly gifted me a new camera for Christmas and I’m enjoying getting snap happy at every opportunity. I’m trying to learn how to take a good picture. I’m also keen to try my hand at flower arranging, inspired by this beautiful book which was a gift from my friend Hannah for Christmas.
  3. Not to bore others with my indecision. I’m going to try not to over analyse every situation, forcing anyone who’ll listen into doing the same. I knew I’d gone to far when I found myself explaining one predicament to the poor lady on the checkout at Asda. Instead, I’m going to try and trust my gut and roll with the punches.

So there we go. They are my thoughts for the new year. Do you believe in resolutions?


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Diary of an imperfect mum

baby-showWhile I was pregnant Carl and I had great plans for my maternity leave. He’s self-employed so has almost complete freedom when it comes to taking holidays so we were going to make the most of my new found freedom and take impromptu trips away, should it take our fancy. Well I can report that eight months in, all we’ve managed was a pre-arranged trip to Norfolk with my family.

So when an invite to the Baby & Toddler Show landed in my inbox, I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and include an overnight stay. The northern show just happens to be in Manchester, which holds a special place in our hearts as it’s where we spent our first non-wedding-night night as a married couple before jetting off on our honeymoon – sorry if I made your brain hurt with that mouthful – so I’m very excited to return to our second favourite city as a family.

The show runs 7-9th October and has a pretty impressive line up of brands, including Bugaboo, Cybex, Joolz, Mamas & Papas, Silver Cross & Maxi Cosi to name but a few – we’re in the market for a new car seat so the timing is perfect.  There are expert speakers, products to test, a midwife drop in and, if that hasn’t sold it to you – a goody bag for all new mums and mums-to-be.

If you’d like to win tickets to the show, I have two to giveaway, valid for any date you chose. All you need to do is hit the Rafflecopter link below, and leave a comment telling me what your all time favourite baby / toddler products is!

If you don’t win tickets you can purchase with 1/3 off with the code BTN31.

If you’ll be at the Baby and Toddler Show let me know, it would be great to meet so fellow mamas!

I wish you the best of luck, but never fear, as if you don’t win you can book adult tickets for 1/3 off with the code BTN31

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Diary of an imperfect mum
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It was far too chaotic to get a photo of them in the ball pool. So here they are probably plotting their ball pool attack on me.

A few weeks ago Henry had a whale of a time in a friends ball pool. He then spent a few minutes at soft play *shudder* in the ball pool. So on Monday I decided it would be a great idea to buy him his very own ball pool.

To be honest, my motivation for buying it was two fold; 1) It would be an interesting new toy for him to play with, new textures and shapes to explore and I can count the balls into the pool and split up the colours (I know he’s only 7 months old but there’s only so much nonsense one sided conversation I can muster. A prop helps). 2) It’s portable and has sides so would keep him occupied and in one place for a few minutes so I could have a drink or make lunch. Or so I thought….

I came home filled with the excitement at the prospect of a lovely afternoon at home. I’d sit on the floor with a coffee – I’d even break my one-coffee-a-day rule and treat myself to a second- and we’d ‘splash’ around, generally having a ball (sorry).

So in an attempt to make my naive vision a reality, I came home, made a coffee and set about erecting the ball pool. For the first minute or so, my vision became a reality, aside from the fact there were only thirty balls, so not many to splash. Then the feral pug jumped in, which Henry actually quite enjoyed. Then she stole a ball and jumped out. I set about trying to retrieve the ball and in the meantime somehow Henry Houdini managed to climb out. I sat him back and he climbed out again. Not a bad skill for a seven month old to be fair so I gave in. I got a few balls out for him to chase, which the feral pug clearly found irresistible.  Once again I tried to retrieve a ball from the pug while simultaneously trying to keep half an eye on Henry, clearly the wrong half an eye because somehow he got himself stuck under the sofa. The dog still chasing balls I lifted the sofa to retrieve the baby, who couldn’t work out that he could remove himself from the sofa by lowering his head in the same way he must’ve done to get under.

Then to top it all off, the feral pug knocked over my coffee. Almost a full coffee, everywhere. If that wasn’t inconvenient enough Henry crawled through it before I could wipe it all up.

We didn’t even manage an afternoon of ball pool fun. This all took about 25 minutes to unfold and I think both Henry and my bank account would’ve been happier with just the balls, loose around the living room. Maybe while feral pug is occupied by our neighbour….

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I sing 'pat-a-cake' a lot more than I used to...Becoming a parent brings a whole host of newness – new baby (obv), new clothes, furniture, decor, routine, vocab…yep, you read correctly. Lately I found all kinds of bizarre words and phrases flowing out of my mouth like milk from a bottle that my pre-motherhood self may have shot more than an eye-roll at:

  1. ‘Has he done a poo?’ ‘ Was it a big one?’ ‘Was it hard?’ ‘Did it have bits in it?’ – Can you imagine asking anyone else for a detailed description of their fecal matter? And worse – in ear shot of anyone and everyone. Or directly to baby – ‘Have you done a stinky poo?’
  2. ‘Don’t eat the rug’
  3. ‘Is he still breathing?’ Again, who else do you ask this about on a daily basis?
  4. ‘Dogs are for stroking not for licking’
  5. ‘You’ve just piddled in the bath so don’t try to drink it’ – ’cause you know, it’s ok to drink if it’s free of urine…
  6. ‘Is that yummy, yummy in your tummy?’ – said with a huge smile to encourage a positive response to all the vegetables.
  7. ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day, over the hill and far away, Mother duck said, ‘QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK’ but only three litt… I mean… four little ducks came back.’ I’m sleep deprived, ok? I must make more effort to remember where I’m up to or the poor boy doesn’t stand a chance where numeracy is concerned.
  8. ‘You sit there while Mummy has a wee.’ *places bouncer in front of the toilet*

And the last few, in dedication to the mobile baby nappy change…

  1. ‘Don’t roll over, Mummy’s trying to change your nappy’
  2. ‘Noooo… don’t put your feet in the poo!’
  3. ‘Don’t undo your nappy, we don’t want poo poo and wee wee everywhere!’ (although it’s so difficult to get a nappy on these days sometimes I feel like cleaning up would be the easier option…)
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