It’s ok…#mumguilt 011 featuring Babies and Beauty

Sharing her #mumguilt story this week is the lovely Emily from Babies and Beauty. Her blog is beautiful and her recent post about how to clean with a baby is definitely worth a look – I could definitely take some tips! 

Hi guys, my name is Emily and I’m a mother to Noah who’s almost 3 and Patrick who is 12 weeks old. And my Mum guilt is just that, P is 12 weeks old when in fact he should only be 6-8 weeks. 

Patrick was born prematurely and after having an overdue baby in Noah, completely blindsided us. Rewind back to me at 29 weeks pregnant, waking up in the night to what we thought might have been my waters breaking, we gave it 24 hours and then visited our local triage who dismissed it as actually I’d just ‘wet myself’. But something inside me knew this wasn’t true, I’d had a baby before I knew what waters going felt like, this was uncontrollable. But these were doctors and nurses, I’d been examined surely they knew more than me? So I ignored it, to find out 4 weeks later on a growth scan that my baby needed to come out ASAP as I had been right, my front waters had broken over a month ago. 

Unfortunately P then spent a week battling for his life, it was horrendous and the guilt was and still is unimaginable – why wasn’t I more pushy? Why didn’t I insist to be seen again, a second opinion? Maybe If I had of we wouldn’t of been in this situation, and my son wouldn’t have had to deal with lumbar punctures, and lung procedures. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but making sure I give him 110%, no matter how tired or down I’m feeling, doesn’t make the guilt go away but it makes it easier to forget.

Thank you so much to Emily for sharing her story! You can find Emily here:

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