Army of Mothers.

This morning I had a thought.

I left my house with my six month old son in my arms, the changing bag on one shoulder & my very baby impractical handbag over the other, my leather jacket precariously balancing on my shoulder and attempting to juggle a sippy cup and my keys in my hands, whilst locking the front door and navigating the gate to get to my car. I took two steps onto the path and dropped my keys. Obviously. I stood over them for a second, not quite sure where to even start trying to pick them up, feeling (and probably looking) a little bit stupid.

The daughter of one of my neighbour’s, who I’ve never spoken to, was strapping her own son into the car and came over to help me reload, wearing a similar weary expression to my own and said, ‘it’s hard isn’t it?’.

Yes. It is. Bloody hard. And that’s what got me thinking. If mums stuck together, supporting and helping each other the way she helped me, wouldn’t life be much easier? And so that was the inspiration for starting this blog. I hope that my experiences help others know that they’re not in the parenting game alone. We’re all in it together.



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