20 weeks pregnant

20 weeks pregnant

Although I couldn’t be happier to have Henry bringing me immeasurable joy every day, as I approach the anniversary of my 20 week scan I’ve found myself becoming all nostalgic for the nine short months spent growing my beautiful baby. Here are my favourite things about being pregnant:

  1. Eating all the food. Stuffing your face with carbs and not having to worry about looking bloated, being able to blame your fifth cookie on cravings and playing the ‘eating for two’ card when you feel like eating two lunches. Winning.
  2. Naps. I’d never been much of a napper, but while I was pregnant I took advantage of every napping opportunity. On the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, in the car, when I didn’t feel like making tea….I’m also aware that I won’t have the same napping opportunity if I’m lucky enough to bear another child.
  3. Maternity clothes. A lot of people don’t enjoy maternity dressing. I did. It’s a valid excuse for new clothes when nothing else fits and jeans that are as comfy as pyjamas. What’s not to love?
  4. Feeling my baby wiggle was the best feeling, even better when I could see a limb make its way across my tummy.
  5. There are no awkward silences. Everyone always has something to talk to you about and a million questions to ask – although admittedly not always appropriate. The most common being, ‘was it planned?’. Why does that even matter?!
  6. No one wants to be the person who upsets the pregnant lady so you get your own way ALOT. I managed to not only wangle a new chair at work, but I was also taken to Staples to pick my own chair. That was a fun afternoon.
  7. Watching the fleeting expression  of sheer horror on the face of someone who asked a pregnancy related question when I began my answer by fibbing that my bulging stomach was the result of a large lunch. Hilarious! As a sidenote – if in any doubt as to whether someone is with child, DO NOT ASK. There is a waitress in Sheffield who will probably have thrown away an oversized shirt this week after my good friend who shall not be named did not follow my aforementioned advice.
  8. The excitement of the unknown, of finally meeting the baby you feel like you already know looking forward to the months of maternity leave ahead, still naive enough to think of it as ‘time off’.
  9. Buying stuff. I love buying stuff and a baby needs a lot of stuff.
  10. My husband also managed to wangle us a free room upgrade on our last pre-parents city break. See point 6 – no one wants to upset a pregnant lady.

Did you enjoy being pregnant? Do you have anything to add to this list?

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Where did last week even go? Last week was pretty hectic and Friday ended with a last minute night out. Yes, you read correctly… I went out on a Friday night. If you’re on the floor in shock you can pick yourself back up now… I was home by 10 and only apple and raspberry juice passed my lips. My very beautiful friend Hannah invited me to go along with her to an Instagram workshop at my new favourite Sheffield shop Moonko with the Insta guru Toni from Lemon Freckles and the lovely Emma from Oh Gosh. Moonko is such a little gem, if you’re in Sheffield definitely check it out for handmade and individual homeware delights. (I plan on designing Henry’s first grown-up room around this amazing tiger cushion by Donna Wilson!) It was a great evening, meeting some lovely people and even though it wasn’t a late one it was a refreshing change, and Henry enjoyed some bonus time with his Daddy who’s super busy at work at the moment.
On Saturday Hen & I went on a pizza date. If you’ve read my weaning post last week you might be pleased to know that I braved up and I’m feeling a lot more confident. The lovely staff at Proove (another Sheffield wonder to check out!) were very accommodating and Henry tried tomato, orange, cheese and bread all in one sitting and…HOLD THE PHONE… he’s ok and I didn’t pass out with worry. He’s not a puree lover which actually makes things much easier. All went down a storm! We spend Saturday night sleeping over at my mums. Daddy had a much deserved boys night out so we thought we’d spend some time with Nannie and leave Daddy to sleep off his  adult headache in peace.

Sunday was spent barbecuing with friends, eating indoors because thats how you roll when you’re a bit nesh. Henry discovered his new favourite game of knocking the toilet roll off the holder and onto the floor…hours of fun! Incase you’re wondering, we were talking to Daddy while he had a bath, we don’t regularly spend our Sunday evenings holed up in the bathroom. He’s definitely becoming a little monkey though!

Did you have a lovely weekend? What did you get up to?



  1. There is no medal for enduring labour without pain relief. If you want the drugs, take the drugs. I was determined to use only gas & air, my TENS machine and water. 12 hours in I broke my TENS machine. 20 hours in, having had 4 hours sleep the last 40 and getting to that point with only bathwater as relief I was exhausted and crying for the epidural…and the diamorphine when the epidural wasn’t available quickly enough. And I’d do it again next time.
  2. NEVER GOOGLE. I’m a worrier (I blame my mother), but I scared myself silly more times than I care to remember in the early weeks. If in doubt, see a real doctor or midwife, not Doctor Internet.
  3. Enjoy being bored, because you’ll never again be able to make that complaint. It also goes without saying to make the most of lazy weekend mornings. I think I’ve laid on my sofa once in the last six months.
  4. Take opportunities for days out or mini breaks with partners, friends and family, it won’t be as easy for a while.
  5. Babies do not feed & sleep in a Gina Ford-esque fashion. You cannot fathom a pattern and it’s best to go with the flow. It’s also NORMAL for your baby to be happiest on you. My brain, filled with feeding-sleeping-pattern nonsense, thought something wasn’t right, made worse with midwives expressing shock night after night when my baby would not stop feeding. I genuinely think this played a part in my ability to breastfeed.
  6. A top and tail bowl is the most useless piece of equipment and I have never used it. It’s a good job they only cost a few quid.
  7. As above, shaped swaddle blankets. Utter crap.
  8. It’s ok to cry. I was pretty pleased if I managed three days in a row without tears. PND played on my mind a lot, and thankfully I wasn’t affected but I think it would be useful to prepare new mums for the emotional roller-coaster, and helping them to recognise if something isn’t right.
  9. You’ll cope, and you’ll enjoy it.
  10. Despite your horror at the labour photos presented at your NCT class, you won’t give a flying fart about being naked during childbirth, it really is the last thing on your mind. In fact, if it would speed things along you’d do a few nude laps around the hospital.
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