A picture of a footIn year 9 P.E I suffered severe psychological damage which I believe has impacted upon my relationship with exercise; I was hit in the face with a rounders ball.

Since then, I’ve never really had what you might describe as a friendly relationship with exercise. We’re much like acquaintances who meet up so infrequently that we never build a proper, lasting friendship and ultimately drift apart, only to reunite a few months later and repeat the whole stop and start process again.

Pre-baby it wasn’t all that difficult to stay slim but now my skin has been stretched to the mother of all limits it’s another story all together and it’s about time I got my sorry arse in gear and got a little more active. Last summer I started, and subsequently abandoned Couch to 5k when it turned a little cooler -I’m not about that running in the rain malarky. So when Flex TV* asked if I was interested in reviewing their online classes I shrugged off my usual excuses, dusted off my trainers and signed up.

I’ve tried a couple of fitness DVD’s over the past year, but one of two things has always happened:

  1. I’ve quickly become bored of the repetitiveness of doing the same routine everytime you put the DVD on.
  2. *Someone* – not mentioning any names but rhymes with MARL – thinks that since it’s a DVD and can be paused, it’s ok to interrupt in the event of a number two nappy.

With Flex TV I didn’t have these issues. Once you’ve joined, you’re able to select types of exercise you’re interested in and the times you’d prefer to do a class and classes will be recommended to you, or you can browse what’s on using the menu.  There’s loads to chose from including barre, pilates, HIIT, yoga,  and dance…Then you just stream the live class using any device connected to the internet – If you use your phone don’t do what I did and forget to switch it to ‘do not disturb’ because it’s really annoying when you have to interrupt your amateur plié to deal with your ringing phone.

Because you’re actually ‘booking’ a class, even though you’re doing it at home I think it’s more of a commitment that can’t be interrupted, almost like having an exercise buddy who you don’t want to let down. You can also invite friends to join the class too, so you’re working out together but from your own homes. And since no one can actually see you, you can do it in your pyjamas. Heck you could do it completely starkers if you so wished. All the classes I did were about 30 minutes long, which is perfect for me to fit into even the shortest naps.

The first class I tried was a post-natal core workout which left me aching for days. But despite my complete lack of core strength it felt do-able and the ache was strangely satisfying. The instructor was great at explaining how to ensure you’re getting the most out of the workout, offering options for different levels. I also tried Barre and Pilates, both of which were enjoyable, and the perfect length at 30 minutes so I could squeeze them into a naptime, although there are classes ranging between 10 and 60 minutes.

I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it, and how good it felt to get moving. Sometimes the gym can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re trying something completely new like barre was to me. I’m so uncoordinated that I’d never have dared go to an actual class but with Flex TV I’ve found a way to exercise that I don’t just not hate, I actually like, which after 29 years is a pretty good result.

The only problem I experienced was that any thing that involves jumping or banging around isn’t really a go-er for me when I’m doing it during a nap, because my house is tiny and my child is the worlds lightest sleeper. But since most people don’t have this problem don’t let that put you off! I’ve been picking up the pace with my walks a little to try and get my heart rate up, or walking with Henry in the carrier to add a little weight and once the mornings are a little lighter I plan on trying the couch to 5k again, running before Carl goes to work.

Flex TV is a great option for Mama’s because it allows even the most reluctant of us to get back into exercise without having to worry about childcare. Going out to do a gym class would probably take almost double the time of the actual class when travel is factored in. With Flex, you just sign up to a class and get on with it, leaving more time for changing nappies, prevention of electrocution by sticking fingers in plug sockets, saving the pug from being run over by the V-Tech Train and everything else I fit into a day. Flex TV are currently offering a 30 free trial which you can sign up to here.

*In collaboration with Flex TV – all thoughts my own.

Finding time to work out as a mum http://nowmynameismummy.com/index.php/2017/02/22/overcoming-fear-exercise/


Diary of an imperfect mum

Henry running down the drive

    Clearly feeling much better, chasing the dog down the drive.

So I know just the other day I said I’m no longer a worrier. But… no sooner had the keyboard cooled from my from my frantic ‘write everything quick before naptime ends’ type-fest, did I start worrying about the thing that I’ve known was happening for a while but put to the back of my mind to avoid bursting into tears because last Tuesday Henry had surgery to correct his squint.

Everyone around me was so calm about it, it’s a common procedure, you’re home the same day and you’d probably be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know of someone who’s had squint surgery. His doctor – who’s incredible – was so blase about it, although I’m not sure I’d want any other attitude as there’s no way I’d let anyone with an inch of doubt as to his capabilities anywhere near my baby’s eyes with a sharp object. Nevertheless my heart actually hurt everytime I thought about it.

Despite having fasted, Henry was in such good spirits before the surgery, playing in the waiting room blissfully unaware of what was to come which made his pain when he woke up all the more heartbreaking. He’d been relieved of his hanger when he drifted of to sleep, alarmingly quickly and I left the theatre in tears to wait out the longest 90 minutes of my life. He woke up with closed, swollen eyes covered in ointment and his tears were blood stained, crying hunger, confusion and pain. We gave him his milk, having to restrain his arms from rubbing his eyes – let me tell you, preventing a child from rubbing their eyes is up there with trying to cut their toenails; nigh on impossible.

The rest of the day was a blur, we went home he spent most of the day asleep, or trying to open his eyes and immediately crying. Although he ate a chicken dinner with his eyes closed which I thought was pretty impressive, clearly it’ll take a bit more then strabismus surgery to put Henners off his food.

Watching my baby in pain was the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far as his Mama. I felt guilty that I’d chosen for him to be where he was. I’d chosen for him to be put to sleep and I’d chosen for him to wake up sore and confused. We could’ve chosen to wait until he was a little older, when we could’ve explained what was happening to him. But we’d decided to do it now, when he’d not understand why he’d gone to sleep and woken up uncomfortable, in hope that he won’t remember anything when he’s older.

It wasn’t just the surgery we want him to forget, we’d chosen to operate earlier to avoid Henry hearing comments we’ve heard about his eyes. A few weeks ago we were in a coffee shop with my mum and she overheard two fully grown women whispering about Henry’s squint as we were leaving. When she told me, after the initial mother-bear-protecting-her-cub style rage, I felt a little more confident we’d made the right decision for our little boy. It wasn’t the first time, and it’s only a matter of time before Henry hears comments, whispers and stares. He’s a growing into a happy, sociable and outgoing toddler and I can’t bear the thought of his confidence being knocked before he’s even found his feet in the world.

So I hope that when he’s older Henry feels we’ve made the right choice for him. We had a tough few days but by Saturday he was back to his usual cheeky self, terrorising the feral pug and generally making himself very busy running up and down, doing his best to dodge his four-times-daily eye drops. He was quite happy revisiting the hospital for his check up on Friday so I’m hopeful that he’s already forgotten the experience and it’s not one that he’ll have to go through again, although we’ll have to wait until his check up in a few months to see.

I’ve never spoken about it here before, I’m not really sure why. I think it’s because I know that it’s a drop in the ocean compared to what some families are going through and I’m conscious of that. But I found the experience tough and I’ve not seen alot in the blogosphere about squint surgery, despite how common it is so thought I’d share my thoughts just on the off chance that my ramblings might be of help to someone else.

Has your little one ever had squint surgery? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Squint Surgery - a toughhttp://nowmynameismummy.com/index.php/2017/02/19/tough-mothering-day/



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Naptime Natter



Offspring; the apple of your eye, your sweet little darlings, sponges of love, thieves of sleep and all round controllers of life. They give you joy you’ve never experienced and love you’ve never known. But that doesn’t mean they’re not bloody hard work, their moods can change completely at the mere wake of a nap – or lack thereof – taking the day in a completely different, frazzled direction.

I’m a natural worrier, but I want Henry to look back on his childhood and remember me laughing and smiling rather than with an expression of stress etched across my face. So far this year I’ve been pretty successful in embracing a new-found laid-back persona, so much so that I actually think I’ve always been relaxed and carefree, and started masquerading as a highly strung worry wart around 2011 when I had the job from hell. So here are a few tips I’ve found to leave me feeling chirpy, because happy big = happy little:

Take each day at a time…

I used to panic at the prospect of a week without plans, worry about the future, in particular –  returning to work. It turns out that I’m not going back to work and the decision was largely out of my control so I spent far too many hours wasted worrying. I’ve learned to take each day as it come and it ultimately means I’m living more in the present, enjoying moments as they happen and not having them tainted by fretting about what may or may not happen the next day, week, month or year.

…But that’s not to say don’t have goals intentions*.

While I like to take each day at a time I also like to keep one eye on the future, keeping in mind where I want to be and focusing on the steps I intend to take to get there one at a time, rather than worrying about how I’ll get there. Having children is actually a great time to evaluate what you want in life and even a great time for a career change. I enrolled in a college course which I attend two evenings a week and I intend to work towards a new career which I can work around and adapt to my family. *I recently read a great post about the power of mindfulness, and using terminology to make things feel more achievable. Having intentions, rather than goals doesn’t come with the connotations of failure and is therefore much more positive.

Do something for yourself everyday.

Whether you’re on maternity leave, a stay-at-home-mum or a working mum it’s hard work. Have a little bit of time everyday to do something you enjoy – reading, having a bath, watching Corrie – to keep you sane. If you can’t do it solo that day, walk to the park via the coffee shop, bake a cake, arrange some flowers. There’s loads of grown-up activities that the tiny’s can get involved in too and so everyone’s a winner.

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air & a smile…

If you’re stuck in the house and everyone’s miserable, it’s amazing how going for a walk can be a game-changer. Smiling is also infectious, be the weirdo who smiles at strangers. You might brighten their day too.

…And don’t overestimate what you see on social media.

People only show what they want you to see. What you see is a beautiful picture of a well-turned-out toddler.  What you don’t see is that ten minutes after the picture was taken, said toddler poured the dogs water down his front. True story. Appreciate a nice picture for what it is, but don’t think the person behind it doesnt share similar problems to you. They probably do.

Choose laughter.

Where you can, when something frustrating happens try to see the funny side rather than how inconvenient it is. Probably best to delay or stifle a giggle when your child is flinging yoghurt at the dog – I like to think of myself as a reasonably responsible parent – but losing your temper over it achieves nothing and it’s probably best to take it in your stride. Embracing a bit of silliness livens up the day. I dance and sing for Henry to distract him from his hunger while I’m making breakfast and he finds it hilarious. His little giggle is contagious so I’ll do (almost) anything for such an appreciative audience.

So there you go, do you have any tips to share?


How to be a happy mum http://nowmynameismummy.com/index.php/2017/02/12/how-to-be-a-happier-mama/

My Petit Canard
The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum

How much younger we look here considering it’s not even 3 years ago makes me WEEP

We all know that having tiny humans to look after makes it significantly harder, if not impossible to spend time as a couple, doing the things you used to do when you were just a twosome. Even harder when all your potential babysitters are otherwise occupied because the rest of the world are out-out in the land of the living past 7pm on Valentines Day. So if you don’t have a babysitter, or you don’t like the idea of going out on a school night, I’m here to put the cheese in your fondue with some stay-at-home-little-people-are-asleep Valentines ideas:

  1. Bring back so old habits that you’ve stopped doing. When I was a student Carl and I used to order pizza and eat it in bed watching films. You’ll probably get sauce on the bedding, but a great and little known by-product of having children are packets of baby-wipes littered around the house. And those bad boys can shift a stain.
  2. Have a picnic in the living room. Light the fire, or if you don’t have a fire light some candles. Heck, light some candles anyway, it’s Valentines day! Bring in a pre-prepared picnic basket and munch away. Don’t forget the fizzy wine and strawberries.
  3. Create a restaurant at your dining table, set the table, share some wine and eat at least two courses.
  4. Play games – Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, even the Rightmove game. Something where you’ll have to actually talk to each other is always fun.
  5. Bring the cinema experience (kind of) to your living room with popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and drinks in paper cups and sit next to each other on the sofa, turn the lights off and put a great film on.

Now I know what you’re thinking;

“I have a child who has a sixth sense for when I’m about to eat anything delicious, watch anything interesting or do anything remotely fun that doesn’t involved them They’ll be wide awake faster than you can say ‘Cupid’ and promptly at half hour intervals until we admit defeat and Daddy’s hot-footing it to the spare bed.”

Which is why I have BONUS idea number 6

Pretend the nearest weekend is actually Valentines Day, call in a babysitter, get dressed up and go out on an ACTUAL date. I know, I know…I’ve thought of everything…


The Pramshed

YReading ALOT of blogs is a huge part of blogging and given that it was already a hobby of mine it’s very little effort on my part. I also take part in a few linkys each week which is a great way to become aquainted with new bloggers.

So I’ve decided to start a monthly feature….*drumroll*… Mum Crush Monday. I’ve also set up a tab on my homepage with a link to all of my favourite blogs so I’ve got my own little directory – handy eh?

So without further ado, here are my the first group of mamas I could be tempted to trade in my husband for….

Hannah – Cagney and Lace


My lovely friend Hannah and I met through our husbands many moons ago, but it was over a glass of wine and our mutual love for online beauty videos that we became soul sistas. She writes Cagney and Lace, a fashion and lifestyle blog which I’ve had bookmarked for years. I’m not even speaking from a place of bias when I say that this girl has STYLE. If you don’t believe me you can see for yourself with her 2016 round up featuring her favourite swoon worthy outfits and the most beautiful etheral wedding dress. Not only can I count Hannah as one of my best friends but we’re also god-parents to each others children and watching their friendship develop is beautiful.  If you’re looking for some toddler fashion inspo, head over to Hannah’s  to see snippets of her beautiful, always well turned out little girl – like mother, like daughter when it comes to sartorial choices. She’s also great at recommending institutions of hospitality, so if you’re in the Sheffield area and it has the Hannah seal of approval, you know  you won’t be disappointed.

Wendy – Naptime Natter

I discovered Naptime Natter through a linky and it’s the kind of blog I wish I’d have found when I was pregnant. I think any pregnant lady would come away with a more realistic view of motherhood after reading Naptime Natter than 99% of books aimed at first time mums – I’m looking at you Gina Forde. I’ve only ‘met’ Wendy through blogging and social media but it’s clear that she’s kind, genuine and an incredible mum to her beautiful boys. Her blog is so refreshingly honest, with helpful insights and tips on breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public, babywearing, pregnancy and parenting a toddler to name but a few, all the while being entertaining and not at all preachy. My breastfeeding road was incredibly rocky, and I honestly think I may have been better prepared had I found experiences such as those shared by Wendy in those first few days and weeks.

Becky – MommyandRory

Becky is another real life friend who I met at our NCT class and we started blogging around the same time, determined to document that precious first year. There’s a month between our boys and they’ll be friends whether they like it or not. MommyandRory is a great read and her Linky List is my go to directory. Her recent post – ‘Have you seen my boobs? I seem to have lost them!’ is laugh out loud funny, even to someone who can’t sympathise with large chested problems having sported two fried eggs even while breastfeeding. She’s also a dab hand in the kitchen and her recipes are well worth a try. Funny and foodie – what’s not to love?!

Emma – Mamalina

I found Emma  through her pretty epic Instagram and *oh.my.gawd* have I got a mum crush on this lady. Although I am a routine kinda gal – I need my evenings – her zero routine approach to parenting is fascinating and she just oozes hippy cool, planning travels with her boys and giving them experiences of a lifetime. Watching her Insta stories is my favourite way to pass a toilet break, otherwise known as the ten-minute-mum-wee  taken around the time Carl gets home from work. Her post ‘Let Your Kids be Bored‘ is a refreshing change to all of the literature encouraging constant engagement. I definitely think enagement with you children is crucial, but so is giving them a little space to learn for themselves and Emma puts across a great sense of balance.


So there we have it, my first Mum Crush Monday. You can also see links to all these lovely ladies blogs in Mama Crush: The Directory.

My Petit Canard