Autumn / Winter dressing is my absolute fave. I used to spend hours pouring over magazines, blogs and browsing websites planning my Winter wardrobe. Since having a baby means I now have to share my clothing expenditure – or Henry has an overflowing wardrobe while I’m learning all about the phrase ‘make do and mend’, I decided to hit the September shopping spot by planning Henry’s Winter wardrobe.

I’ve been coveting Boden babywear ever since a catalogue landed on my doorstep while I was pregnant – how did they know?! I had to remind myself I’m not sponsored by Boden and resist compiling a list solely of their products. I WANT IT ALL! The reversible print top and joggers are too cute, and solves the dinner-down-the-jumper problem when Mummy forgets to pack a bib (again).

I have a thing for babies in dungarees and the geo print pair from Turtledove London have Henry’s name written all over them while the duffle coat from Zara would be perfect for chilly winter days. Carl is quite the Jurassic Park fan, so the Joules dinosaur jumper was his pick, but I have to admit it’s a good choice.

Finally, how cool are the joggers with the eye hidden in the knee from TUI-B?! Genius!

What do you think of my picks?


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henry nappingI’ve written previously about my naptime woes here, but in the last few months we’ve started to make some progress and I can generally bank on at least one nap a day to cram in all of my  housework…. who am I kidding?! I definitely don’t use nap time to do housework, I definitely spend it on social media…but my Dyson is pretty noisy, as is my washing machine…

So here it is, a nap of decent length in 6 simple steps…

1) Pick exactly the right moment. Too close to feed time and you’re treading on dangerous territory. Sleepy baby + hungry baby = hangry baby (baby maths you don’t want to get right).

2) Following on from above, don’t miss the window of opportunity. Start the process at the first sign of a yawn or eye rub, before the second wind kicks in or you’re setting yourself up for a day of minimal sleep and maximum tears.

3) Make plans for directly after naptime. A surefire way to encourage a longer than average nap is to make plans you’ll inevitably have to cancel because baby is still asleep. Obviously it’s not ideal for the person you’re cancelling on but don’t be tempted to lie to your baby and pretend you have after nap plans. They’ll see right through you.

4) Do not make plans for what you’ll do during naptime. You’re setting yourself up for a fall. Even as their eyes are starting to close, do not allow your mind to wander.

5) Don’t tell anyone that your baby is napping and definitely DO NOT BROADCAST A NAP ON SOCIAL MEDIA. This is a surefire way to put an end to said nap. Sleep is for the weak in baby circles so napping privacy must be respected at all times.

6) Don’t make a warm drink. Everyone knows a baby’s sole aim in life is to prevent their parents from enjoying hot beverages so don’t make this rookie mistake, no matter how tempting.

If I’ve led you on a merry dance down the garden path with this post and you haven’t found a nap at the end I’m very sorry… a trip in the car generally does the trick and I have been known to sit in the car once I’ve arrived at my destination with the engine still running until the nap comes to a natural end…

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Parents go wild...ish.Yay for the bank holiday which means it’s Monday and it’s STILL the weekend. MIND BOGGLING!

If you read Friday’s post, you’ll know that on Saturday night we hit a parental milestone and left Henry overnight for the first time. There are very few people I’d be dragged kicking and screaming, I mean, leave Henry at home for, but our best friends and Henry’s godparents Natalie and Jamie are off on their travels. So off to Leeds we went to wave Bon Voyage over a prosecco – in my case, two proseccos and a cocktail… I didn’t fancy parenting a teething bambino on a hangover.

On Saturday morning I decided to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and take Henry for a walk to the shop for some ‘thank-you-for-staying-at-our-house-to-play-sleep-roulette’ snacks for Carl’s parents. It was sunshine when I set off anyway, by the time I’d reached the shop the heavens had opened and I was wandering around Asda looking like I’d abandoned a sunshine holiday after the first few hours with my milky whites on display.

We arrived in Leeds in the late afternoon after saying an emotional goodbye to Henry, who clearly didn’t care less that we’d left because he played happily for the rest of the day and only woke once in the night. Typical! I on the other hand couldn’t shake off a slightly anxious feeling until Carl’s mum text in the morning to let us know they were all ok (you don’t even want to know what goes on in my overactive imagination!) Despite this we had a really lovely time, it was nice to have only ourselves to organise, to have a bath with no time limit, to spend some couple time with Carl and to be in an adult only environment and catch up with friends. I even stayed out ’til 1am – I know what you’re thinking, ‘dirty-stop-out!

On Sunday morning we were up fairly early to head home. I practically sprinted into the house for an emotional reunion, a little underwhelmed to be greeted with a less enthused look than I get when I return to the living room from a two second kitchen run. But overall it went well, his grandparents did a great job and he was a pretty happy chappy today so I could tell he’d slept well. Although I’m not in a hurry to leave him overnight again I’d like to think I’ll feel a little better about it next time.

We spent the rest of Sunday at my mums who’d wrongly anticipated we’d be hungover and made pie – yummy! – You’re welcome for your bank holiday Monday mealspiration.

I’d love to know what you got up to this weekend? In the meantime, if you need me I’ll most likely be found with a fork in one hand and a plate of leftover pie in the other…

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Mum guilt logoThis weekend we are leaving Henry overnight for the first time and despite the title of these series, I’m not completely confident that it is ok.

I’ve spoken about the importance of date night here , but on the one date we’ve been on, we were home pretty early, armed and ready to comfort or feed as demanded through the night.  What I’m feeling incredibly guilty about is that he’ll wake up in the night looking for me and I won’t be there.

His Nanan will be coming to stay over so he’s in his own environment, which makes me feel a little better as she’s put him to bed before. As a child I enjoyed staying with my grandparents, and I want Henry to feel the same so I know we need to start somewhere. I imagine the first time is always the worst.

I’ll report back on Monday with how it went…

How did you feel about leaving your little overnight for the first time?


I thought I’d start to shake things up around here and I’m calling upon YOU to share your #mumguilt stories. If you’d like to feature as my first guest please get in touch –

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I sing 'pat-a-cake' a lot more than I used to...Becoming a parent brings a whole host of newness – new baby (obv), new clothes, furniture, decor, routine, vocab…yep, you read correctly. Lately I found all kinds of bizarre words and phrases flowing out of my mouth like milk from a bottle that my pre-motherhood self may have shot more than an eye-roll at:

  1. ‘Has he done a poo?’ ‘ Was it a big one?’ ‘Was it hard?’ ‘Did it have bits in it?’ – Can you imagine asking anyone else for a detailed description of their fecal matter? And worse – in ear shot of anyone and everyone. Or directly to baby – ‘Have you done a stinky poo?’
  2. ‘Don’t eat the rug’
  3. ‘Is he still breathing?’ Again, who else do you ask this about on a daily basis?
  4. ‘Dogs are for stroking not for licking’
  5. ‘You’ve just piddled in the bath so don’t try to drink it’ – ’cause you know, it’s ok to drink if it’s free of urine…
  6. ‘Is that yummy, yummy in your tummy?’ – said with a huge smile to encourage a positive response to all the vegetables.
  7. ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day, over the hill and far away, Mother duck said, ‘QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK’ but only three litt… I mean… four little ducks came back.’ I’m sleep deprived, ok? I must make more effort to remember where I’m up to or the poor boy doesn’t stand a chance where numeracy is concerned.
  8. ‘You sit there while Mummy has a wee.’ *places bouncer in front of the toilet*

And the last few, in dedication to the mobile baby nappy change…

  1. ‘Don’t roll over, Mummy’s trying to change your nappy’
  2. ‘Noooo… don’t put your feet in the poo!’
  3. ‘Don’t undo your nappy, we don’t want poo poo and wee wee everywhere!’ (although it’s so difficult to get a nappy on these days sometimes I feel like cleaning up would be the easier option…)
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